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What is the average burn time?
Burn time for our candles is about 6 to 8 hours per ounce of wax.

How long should I burn my candle, when I first light it?
We recommend burning your candle for as many hours as are equal to the candles diameter in inches. For instance, a 4oz tin has a 2 inch diameter, so burn for at least 2 hours, on the first burning. This ensures that the candle creates a large wax pool, and will continue to burn down evenly.

Should I trim the wick?
Having a wick length of 1/4 inch is ideal. Our wicks are designed to be self trimming, but this is an imperfect science...if you notice your burned wick getting long, or your candle smoking while burning, definitely give the wick a trim and keep it at a nice 1/4 inch length.

Why is my candle sweating!?
Calm down, it's ok... All soy candles dislike fluctuations in temperature, and when they go from cooler temps into warmer ones, sometimes they perspire a bit ;) This is especially true with candles that use essential oils and pure soy wax. But don't worry, this is just some of the oils settling on top of the candle; it in no way affects your candle's performance. You can simply dab some of the oil up with a paper towel if you like, or just forget about it; when you light your candle, all of that oil will just sink back in anyway.

There is some black smoke coming from my candle! What do I do?
Again, don't sweat it. You just need to trim your wick! We use a high quality wick, which is made of pure cotton and tiny paper filaments; these filaments help the wick to keep itself trimmed. Occasionally the self trimming function doesn't pan out and the flame gets too big. When the flame is too big, those paper filaments can burn up too quickly and you might get little puffs of smoke. This is a sign that you need to trim the wick. With a nice small wick, you shouldn't encounter this issue.