100% Pure Essential Oil Candles


forest-infused & family run

Salt Spring Island Candle Co. was born from a desire to make clean-burning plant based candles while utilizing the best aromatherapy oils to create truly unique scents inspired by Canada's West Coast.

As a small 2nd generation family-run business

We founded our company on Salt Spring Island in 2013 to share the powerful feelings we have for this special place with others. Our scents are meant to evoke meaningful memories of time spent in nature. We envision a world where scented home products double as therapeutic tools to enhance the experience of self care.

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Commited to using only 100% Essential Oils

Many people want the experience of a walk in the Canadian West Coast woods but are sensitive to scent: our commitment to using only 100% Essential Oils brings the true arboreal aromas to folks who want an authentic experience.


Unique & complex CUSTOM BLENDS

We meticulously custom blend every single scent we produce. We like to approach our scent creation from a perfumer’s perspective, carefully layering them with a balance of top, middle and base notes. Blending scents is an art like making music. That’s why our scents are so unique, complex, and thoughtfully crafted. We pride ourselves on our one-of-a-kind scents and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Our essential oils are sourced from the highest quality suppliers, including Great Bear Rainforest® Essential Oils. They are a 100% Indigenous Owned company, and their oils are sustainably hand-harvested, steam-distilled, and handmade by the Indigenous Nations of the Great Bear Rainforest. Visit them at greatbearessentialoils.ca for more information.

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