Essential Oils versus Synthetic Fragrances


Essential OilsIn the heart of our island studio, every candle we pour tells a story. It's a tale of dedication to nature's purest essences and a commitment to the well-being of those who light our creations.

You might've come across candles in the market that proudly advertise "hand-poured" or "all-natural soy or coconut wax." But here's a little secret: Unless they explicitly mention using essential oils as their fragrance base, they're most likely relying on synthetic fragrances. How can you tell? Well, those tantalizingly low price points are a hint. And if you ever spot fragrances named "Cotton Candy," "Ocean Mist," or whimsical ones like "Memories of Maui," you can bet they aren't derived from essential oils. As vast as it is, nature doesn't have a cotton candy plant or memories tree.

Synthetic fragrances are popular for many candle makers. The allure is understandable. The list of available synthetic scents is virtually limitless, allowing for a vast array of imaginative names and fragrances. This means they can either offer their candles at tempting prices or pocket a heftier profit due to the cheap, lab-produced scents.

But let's dive back into the world of synthetic fragrances. Many are a concoction of chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like limonene, α-pinene, and ethanol. While they might quickly fill a room with scent, they come with a hidden cost. Studies have shown that such VOCs can compromise indoor air quality, turning those cozy evenings by candlelight into something less comforting.

When these synthetic fragrances burn, they mingle with the air, leading to unexpected reactions. Terpenes such as limonene can dance with ozone to produce secondary pollutants. It's a bit like adding too much spice to a stew; it might seem like a good idea, but it can overshadow the genuine flavours.

Now, contrast that with our candles, carefully infused with essential oils. These oils are nature's fragrances distilled directly from blossoms, fruits, and woods. Beyond their genuine scents, many carry therapeutic benefits. Imagine the calming embrace of lavender after a long day or the invigorating spirit of citrus on a lazy morning.

Yet, as candle makers who respect nature and science, we know that balance is key. Even nature's fragrances, if too concentrated, can impact the air we breathe. That's why we meticulously measure, ensuring our candles offer a harmonious blend of aroma and safety.

Our narrative, however, is different. It's one of authenticity, dedication to nature, and a deep respect for the science that guides our craft. When you light one of our candles, you're not just enjoying a fragrance but experiencing a fusion of nature's purity and scientific wisdom.