Candle Care

We want you to care for the candles you bring into your home with the same love and attention we create them with. Here are some tips and tricks to have an optimal sensory experience. Thanks for your purchase and for supporting our candle family. J+M ♥︎

  1. Trim Your Wick
    The ideal length is 1/4 inch. We send our babies out into the world with pre-trimmed wicks but after the first burn you MUST trim before lighting again. Every. Single. Time. At home we just pinch the burnt end off with a tiny piece of tissue, no need for a fancy tool. If, however, you have a fancy tool by all means, go for it. You do you.

  2. Burn Time
    Burn time for our candles is about 6 to 8 hours per ounce of wax. On the first burn, we recommend leaving it lit for as many hours as are equal to the candle’s diameter in inches. Which could be anywhere from 1 to 4 hours, depending on which size you’ve purchased. This ensures that the candle creates a large wax pool, continues to burn down evenly, and avoids the dreaded “tunnel effect”. In other words, thoughtfully plan your first burn. Don’t light it up for the first time, burn it for 10 minutes and then realize you still have to walk the dog. The more care you give your candle at this stage, the longer it will be around to reciprocate.

  3. Never Burn Your Candle Dry
    It’s really important to leave a bit of wax (about 1/4 inch) at the bottom of your candle’s container. There’s always a chance the wick could shift if the candle starts running out of wax to burn, which could lead to smoke or possibly a cracked glass, which gets messy.

  4. End Game
    Once your candle’s life is over, please don’t mourn. Your container can be reused or recycled, bringing new life and purpose to your purchase. We put our vessels in the freezer fora few hours (or days if we forget about them). Once frozen, the remaining wax and wick can easily be scraped out. Wash yourtin or glass with soap and water and the possibilities are endless.

  5. Pointing Out The Obvious
    • Please do not leave your burning candle unattended. This means don’t light it and leave the room. Stay with it. Love it. Nurture it like a little fire pet you’ve just adopted and can’t bear to be parted from.
    • Don’t touch it while it’s burning. It’s HOT.
    • If you have kids or pets do not leave them alone with a burning candle. EVER.
    • Do not burn your candle near drafts or open windows. Flame + wind = NO.
    • It’s always a good idea to place your vessel on something that can protect your furniture in case an accident with wax or flame occurs.
    • Remember, candles are FIRE and fire can be DANGEROUS.
    • Use your head and be safe and always burn RESPONSIBLY.